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Immortal Taoist MOD APK v1.7.7 (Unlimited Money / Spirit Jade)

Immortal Taoist MOD APK v1.7.7 (Unlimited Money / Spirit Jade)
  • Updated
  • Version 1.7.7
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Genre Adventures
  • Google Play
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3.3/5 - (38 votes)
Popularity 70.71% 70.71%


3.3/5 - (38 votes)

Introduction of Taoist MOD APK

Are you seeking unlimited money and cultivation in the immortal Taoist Mod Apk? So you are in the right place. On this website, I provide you with the latest and modified version of the immortal Taoist idle manga Mod Apk.

Immortal Taoist idle Mod Apk is an adventure game developed by entrepreneur games. They offer you the to become build your fantasy land in this game.

introduction of Immortal Taoist MOD APK

This game is automatically played in the background, so you don’t need to waste your time playing games. The immortal Taoist app was designed for busy users who don’t spend the most time on games.

In the latest and modified version of the Immortal Taoists Mod Apk, you have unlimited money, cultivation, jazz, and spirit that help you to pave your way for immorality with demons and evil powers. This game is based on an adventure, so you play it, build your island, and prevent them from evils and demons. You may also check  Bike Race MOD APK.

Mod Features:

Unlimited money: In the immortal Taoist Hack Mod Apk pro version, you have unlimited money. You can use this limitless money to purchase and unblock everything you want.

MOD Menu: Using the Immortal Taoist MOD Menu, you can use the MOD features very easily. MOD Menu helps you to to access the MOD features quickly.

Ads free: I know it’s frustrating when you play a game, and during gameplay, ads distract you. So in a modified version of the immortal Taoist MOD Menu APK, they provide ads-free gameplay, which helps you play the game without creating any disturbance.

All unlocked: All premium features are unlocked in the modded Apk of the immortal Taoist Mod Apk. You don’t need to unlock any feature and game content or aspects. Each and everything is accessible to players without any restrictions.

Free Purchase: immortal Taoist Mod Apk (unlimited everything) offers you that you can purchase everything free which you need. You don’t need to use a single penny to purchase anything.

Unlock bonus rewards: In the updated version of this game, they have unlocked all the bonus rewards so you can win exciting rewards and make your lobby attractive.

Unlimited Cultivation: Immortal Taoist Mod Apk provides a cultivation system in which you can learn multiple techniques like kung fu karate and martial arts, which helps you defend yourself from the enemy and improve your strength.

Unlimited Cultivation

General Features:

Kungfu Skills: Immortal Taoist idle manga Mod Apk is all about adventure, so in this game, you need to learn kung fu karate skills that help you during the fight. You can prevent your village from enemies and evils when you learn this kung fu technique. So learning fighting skills is important in this game.

Treasure: In this game, they have multiple treasure boxes you can find while playing the game. So, play this game energetically, find the treasure boxes, and win exciting powers used during the game.

Sects of martial: Just like the kungfu fighting technique, martial art is also important in this game. So you can learn martial art technique in the game and make yourself skillful and powerful.

Build the new house: When you complete all the initial stages of the game, they offer to build your own house in which you make multiple items. Also, you can stay in this house with your companion.

Dual mode: Dual mode is the best feature of the immortal Taoist Mod Apk (unlimited jade). In this mode, you can play this game online and offline. If you want to play this game globally with another player, you need to connect internet on the device, and then you can play this game online. 

Customize character: In the updated version of Immortal Taoist idle game Mod Apk, you can customize your character. You can design your character according to your ideas, try multiple costumes and make your character looks attractive, and unlock their powers to make it powerful.

Companion hunt: The intrusting and most useful feature of the immortal Taoist Mod Apk unlimited spirit jade. Companion hunt means they offer you to play this game with your companion, which means when you feel bored in the game, you find your companion and play the game with them.

Companion hunt

Base Class: immortal Taoist app offers you, multiple base classes. Every base class has a different story. Choose one which you want to play. So you can select a class and enter the game to play that story. 

How to Download Immortal Taoist MOD APK (unlimited spirit jade)

Follow these steps to download the Immortal Taoist Idle Manga MOD APK: 

Step 1: Click on the Download button.

Follow these instructions to install the immortal Taoist Mod Apk (unlimited spirit jade) after downloading the Mod Apk file.

Step 1: Go to Settings and activate the “Unknown Source” option as the first step.

Step 2: Open the immortal Taoist Mod Apk file you downloaded from your file manager. 

Step 3: Tap Install and wait for it to finish installing.

Step 4: Launch the game after installation to begin playing.

Pros & Cons


  1. Immortal Taoist Mod Apk (Unlimited Jade) provides you with a cultivation system this help you improve your strength.
  2. This game offers outstanding gameplay quality, which enhances the fun.


  1. Sometimes face authenticity and account login issues with the game account.
  2. They have multiple stories. It’s a good thing, but sometimes they can’t be understood.

Perk Of Playing

The Immortal Taoist Mod Apk game brings you an amazing adventure filled with the wisdom of Taoism. This game has a unique feature – the Immortal Taoist Mod Apk unlimited spirit jade, which gives you endless game currency to enjoy more. Also known as the Immortal Taoist Mod Apk (unlimited jade), this version lets you move through the game quickly.

Perk Of Playing

Even if you’re new to the game, the Immortal Taoist Mod Apk (unlimited everything) latest version makes the journey to becoming a Taoist fun and exciting. For those seeking additional ways to enhance their gaming experience, exploring options like the Modern Warships Mod Apk could provide exciting modifications and features to elevate the gameplay.

Fun Fact

The Immortal Taoist idle game Mod Apk is a favorite for many players. It brings together Taoism and manga-style graphics, appealing to all kinds of gamers. The Immortal Taoist Mod Apk platin mods take the game to a new level by giving a free purchase option and a more engaging gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get the Immortal Taoist Mod Apk for free?

You can download the Immortal Taoist Mod Apk free from many online sources. But only download from safe websites to protect your device from harmful software.

What is the Immortal Taoist Mod Apk (unlimited spirit jade)?

It’s a version of the game where you get endless Spirit Jade, the game’s currency. This helps you move quickly in the game for a better gaming experience.

How can I use the Immortal Taoist mod menu app?

After installing the Immortal Taoist Mod Apk, open the mod menu. Here, you can pick and turn on different game modifications like unlimited spirit jade, unlimited cultivation, and more.

Is the Immortal Taoist hack Mod Apk safe to use?

Although the Immortal Taoist hack Mod Apk offers several benefits, always download it from a safe source. Use antivirus software to stay protected.


The Immortal Taoist Mod Apk is a great choice for fun, immersive game. The Immortal Taoist idle manga Mod Apk lets you dive into the interesting world of Taoism with beautiful manga-style graphics. With the Immortal Taoist Mod Apk free purchase, you can progress quickly and become the top Immortal Taoist. Go ahead! Download the Immortal Taoist Mod App and start your Taoism adventure! Last Island of Survival MOD APK also please you with their amazing mod features.

Immortal Taoists is a game that comes from a XianXia novel, where you can pretend to be a person trying to live forever through special training in a peaceful, dream-like world. As the main character, you have the freedom to make your own exciting life stories in this game that's like a playable book. You can join different groups of immortal people, learn fight skills, make magical creatures your pets, fight against bad demons, or make friends with others who are training like you. There are many different ways to play and enjoy this game!

Immortal Taoist MOD APK v1.7.7 (Unlimited Money / Spirit Jade)
Download  Immortal Taoist MOD APK v1.7.7 (Unlimited Money / Spirit Jade) 


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