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Extra Lives Mod Apk v1.150.64 (All Unlocked, Unlimited Money)

Extra Lives Mod Apk v1.150.64 (All Unlocked, Unlimited Money)
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  • Version 1.150.64
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Genre Action
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Introduction of Extra Lives Mod Apk

Dive headfirst into the post-apocalyptic world of ‘Extra Lives Mod APK,’ where your survival skills will be tested to the maximum. This game isn’t just about slashing zombies; it’s about navigating a treacherous world overrun by undead and hostile humans, offering you a unique blend of action and strategy. The game features an elaborate character development system, advanced combat mechanics, and over 50 intriguing locations. But what makes this Mod APK version special? 

Introduction of Extra Lives Mod Apk

It provides all unlocked features and unlimited money, letting you fully immerse in the game without any limitations. Whether customizing characters, controlling zombie populations or diving into ‘Deathmatch’ mode, every feature is at your disposal. However, remember that surviving this dystopian world requires more than just brute force – understanding its unique control system is crucial too. Extra Lives is created by MDickie. Keep reading as we delve deeper into the gripping gameplay experience of Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) MOD APK. You may also download Dead Target MOD APK.

Key Takeaways

– The game is set in a world full of brainless zombies and heartless humans.

– There are 8 warring factions with different beliefs about the problem and how to solve it.

– Players can develop unique relationships with 200 other characters in the game.

– The game features over 50 locations and hundreds of interactive objects to explore and use.

Gameplay Overview of the Extra Lives

In the thrilling world of Extra Lives, you’re plunged into a post-apocalyptic city teeming with ruthless humans and mindless zombies, where survival isn’t just a game – it’s your new reality. The Extra Lives MOD APK takes this gripping experience to another level by unlocking all characters and factions from the get-go. This special edition lets you explore every corner of the city using interactive objects spread across 50 locations. 

Gameplay of Extra Lives Mod Apk

With the latest version of extra lives zombie survival sim MOD apk, even combat becomes more enjoyable as it utilizes an advanced system from the Wrestling Revolution series. The ‘deathmatch’ mode is also readily accessible for those who prefer slaying zombies without feeling pressured. Now let’s dive into how this modified version enhances gameplay even further in our next section: the advantages of using Extra Lives MOD APK.

MOD Features of Extra Lives MOD APK

Ready to elevate your gameplay experience with Extra Lives MOD APK? With this version, enjoy an array of fantastic features, such as VIP Unlocked and All Unlocked, that give you access to premium content and all game elements, respectively. What’s more, the Unlimited Health, Points, and Ammo ensure survival is a breeze, allowing you to focus on strategic battles while enjoying endless resources.

VIP Unlocked (Premium Unlocked)

With the VIP Unlocked feature, you’ll have premium access to all game components, transforming your zombie survival journey into an epic adventure of limitless possibilities. The Extra Lives MOD APK VIP unlocked provides:

1. Access to exclusive items and upgrades.

2. Ability to customize characters in more detail.

3. Full control over the number of zombies in-game.

This premium access allows you to explore every corner of the city with ease and style using the Extra Lives MOD APK full version. Experience a more intense and satisfying combat system with extra lives VIP MOD Apk, tearing apart enemies like never before! You’ll also enjoy seamless gameplay updates with the Extra Lives MOD APK latest, ensuring your experience remains fresh and exciting. So gear up for the ultimate zombie survival challenge as we dive into our next feature – everything unlocked!

All Unlocked

 With the Extra Lives MOD APK unlocked you can access all characters, locations, and resources from the start. This significantly enhances gameplay by allowing unrestricted progression through the game. The Extra Lives MOD APK unlocked editor offers a unique opportunity to customize your character while exploring different factions and relationships freely. 

The extra lives editor MOD APK also lets you control aspects like zombie numbers for an individualized gaming experience. Upgrading via the Extra Lives MOD APK upgrade unlocked provides additional perks that elevate gameplay dynamics. As you navigate this thrilling world with the extra lives mdickie MOD APK, brace yourself for infinite health in our next chapter!

Extra Lives Mod Apk All Unlocked

Unlimited Health

In this thrilling game edition, you’re granted invincibility, offering an exhilarating experience as you navigate through the perils without fear of losing your health. The Extra Lives MOD APK unlimited health ensures survival against zombies and other threats. No more worrying about dwindling vitality or rationing resources. With additional unlimited ammo from the Extra Lives MOD APK unlimited everything, every encounter becomes a thrilling combat session where your victory is guaranteed.

This feature of the Extra Lives hack MOD APK transforms you into a relentless hero, braving dangers head-on with unmatched courage. Downloading the Extra Lives god MOD APK rewards you with the power to conquer any challenge that comes your way in this action-packed adventure. As you advance with unprecedented momentum, get ready to amass wealth beyond measure in the next section: unlimited points!

Unlimited Points

You’ll be raking in points like crazy, thanks to the game’s unlimited points feature. The Extra Lives MOD APK unlimited points allow you to accumulate an infinite number of points that can be used to enhance your gameplay experience. This feature sets the Extra Lives MOD APK editor apart from the standard version, enabling you to upgrade characters and purchase new items without worrying about running out of points. 

With the extra lives upgrade MOD APK, every accomplishment is rewarded abundantly, ensuring a steady progression in the game. Furthermore, each update with the extra lives infinite MOD APK brings more features that utilize these limitless points effectively, making it essential for seasoned players. The Extra Lives MOD APK’s new version even incorporates these changes seamlessly into its user interface for ease of access. As we dive deeper into the MOD APK Extra Lives features, let’s explore another advantage: unlimited ammo!

Unlimited Ammo

Never again worry about running out of bullets because, with the game’s feature of limitless ammunition, you’re always ready for a firefight. The Extra Lives MOD APK offers:

1. Unrestricted Access: Download Extra Lives MOD APK and eliminate the fear of emptying your magazine.

2. Unlimited Firepower: With MDickie Extra Lives MOD APK, keep your guns blazing without worrying about ammo counts.

3. Latest Version Benefits: Grab the Extra Lives latest version MOD APK to enjoy updated features alongside infinite ammunition.

4. Infinite Possibilities: Dive into action-packed gameplay with Extra Lives MOD APK Infinite.

In other words, an endless supply of ammo enhances the combat experience and keeps you one step ahead in survival games like these. For more exciting elements of this immersive zombie world, let’s delve into the extensive game features of Extra Lives Infinite Mod APK. Download next!

Game Features

Get ready to immerse yourself in a thrilling zombie survival sim where your mission is to save the world from an infectious virus. With over 200 characters to interact with, spread across eight warring factions, each with unique beliefs and solutions, the game offers you a chance to navigate complex relationships and alliances. You’ll have more than 50 locations to explore and numerous modes to discover and play – all designed with intricate detail for an engaging gaming experience. Click on Stickman Warriors Mod Apk to enjoy its amazing mod features.

Save the world from the virus.

Imagine having the power to restore order in a city overrun by zombies, using your unique skills and alliances to defeat the undead menace and save humanity from the virus. Extra Lives MOD APK upgrade empowers you with infinite enhancements for an even more immersive experience. Fight off hordes of brainless zombies across 50 locations while trying to unite eight warring factions with diverse beliefs about the crisis solution. 

Save the world from the virus

With APK extra Lives MOD, you can adjust how many zombies you start with, giving control over your game’s pace. The game’s complexity offers an engaging challenge beyond simple zombie slaying. This old version of Extra Lives MOD APK still holds its charm, providing thrilling gameplay where survival is paramount. Next, we’ll talk about the vast array of characters available for selection and customization in this apocalyptic world with APK MOD extra lives.

200+ characters to choose

In this harrowing post-apocalyptic world, you’re not alone – you’ve got an astounding 200 characters to meet, each with unique traits and stories. These personalities aren’t just for show; they add depth and complexity to the narrative of your survival. You can develop relationships with them, learning about their beliefs and solutions to the ongoing crisis. The character customization lets you save changes to all others, allowing for a tailored experience in this grim world. 

This variety, combined with the ‘infinitely’ upgrade option, significantly enhances gameplay immersion. Your interactions with these characters can drastically affect your survival chances in this zombie-infested cityscape. Moving forward from character selection, we delve into one of the game’s most intriguing aspects: navigating through eight warring factions vying for control amid chaos.

Eight warring factions

You’re thrust into a landscape torn apart by eight warring factions, each scrambling to seize control and implement their vision of order amid the chaos. These groups aren’t just window-dressing; they have unique beliefs about the root cause of the apocalypse and differing solutions for survival. You’ll interact with 200 characters spread across these factions, each relationship affecting your journey. 

This adds depth and complexity to your survival strategy as you navigate shifting allegiances and power struggles while fending off brainless zombies. It’s a fascinating blend of strategy, role-playing, and action that keeps gameplay fresh and engaging. In this apocalyptic world, diplomacy can be as deadly as combat. Now that we’ve covered the factions let’s delve into the expansive array of locations you can explore in this game.

50+ locations to roam

With over 50 diverse locations to explore, there’s never a dull moment in this chaotic world. Each location is ripe with opportunity and danger, creating a complex landscape for you to navigate. You’ll find yourself moving from abandoned hospitals teeming with the undead to desolate cityscapes overrun by hostile factions. Every place is meticulously crafted, adding layers of depth and realism that draw you right into the heart of the apocalypse.

Interacting with hundreds of objects within these environments adds another layer of engagement. Use them as tools or weapons, barricades or distractions – their utility is only limited by your creativity. And remember, keeping an eye on your surroundings can be a lifesaver when zombies are on your tail. Now let’s venture into the game’s various modes, packed full of thrilling challenges and surprises!

Many modes to discover and play

There are many engaging modes to delve into, each offering unique twists and challenges. The ‘Deathmatch’ mode is perfect for those who seek the thrill of combat without the added pressure of survival strategy. However, if you prefer a more immersive experience:

Free play lets you explore at your own pace with an adjustable zombie count. You can start easy or dive right into an all-out zombie onslaught. This mode allows for endless experimentation with game mechanics.

Story Mode offers a narrative-driven experience where choices matter. The fate of the city and its inhabitants rests on your decisions.

The diversity in gameplay ensures every session feels fresh. Now, let’s move on to one of the most exciting aspects – character customization!

Design the character

Diving into character customization, you’re free to craft a unique persona that reflects your desired playstyle and personality. You’re not just creating a character but essentially sculpting an avatar of survival in a ruthless zombie-infested world. You can choose different physical appearances like hair, skin colour, facial features, or body type.

Every detail matters as it adds depth to your character’s identity. Not only that, but you also have control over the starting number of zombies, which influences game difficulty. This level of customization makes for immersive gameplay, as no two games are alike, with endless combinations possible. As you’ve designed the perfect survivor for your apocalypse journey, let’s delve deeper into how to navigate through this world teeming with undead threats.

How To Play Extra Lives

Imagine yourself in a world overrun by zombies, where your survival depends on mastering the controls of Extra Lives! You’ll need to quickly familiarize yourself with the RED fist buttons, which enable you to attack from either side. The BLUE hand buttons are there for you to pick up or drop items with each hand. Pressing both buttons on either side lets you use what’s in that hand, like consuming food or reading books.

Combining objects is done by pressing both pick-up buttons together. Double-tap any direction to run when needed. Remember, when energy is low, touch the health meter to sleep and pause the game by touching the clock whenever necessary. Now that you’ve got an idea of how to play let’s delve into strategies for surviving this chaotic world!

Strategies for Surviving

Now that you’ve grasped the basics of playing Extra Lives let’s dive into some strategies to keep you alive and thriving in this zombie-infested world.

1. Always be on the move. Zombies can swarm unexpectedly, so constant movement is key.

2. Utilize all available resources smartly – food for health restoration, weapons for defence, and books to increase intelligence.

3. Form alliances with other characters wisely, as their loyalty can be a game-changer during critical situations.

4. Upgrade your character periodically by customizing their skills and abilities.

Remember, survival is not just about fighting zombies; it’s also about making wise decisions under pressure. Now that we have covered some essential survival strategies, let’s explore how you could enhance your gaming experience with the ‘Extra Lives MOD APK’.

Strategies for Surviving

Extra Lives MOD APK Download and Installation Guide

Ready to enhance your gameplay and make your apocalyptic adventure even more thrilling? Let’s get you set up with the modified version of this exciting game. The Extra Lives MOD APK offers many unlocked features plus unlimited money for an immersive gaming experience like no other.

  • Download Extra Lives MOD APK using the Download button. It’ll start downloading on your device.
  • Then, go to your settings and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Afterwards, locate the downloaded APK file in your device’s storage and click on it to start the installation process.
  • Within a few seconds, you’ll have access to all unlocked features in Extra Lives!

Now let’s explore what makes this modded version stand out from its original counterpart.

Pros & Cons


With this MOD APK, you’ll enjoy unlimited money and all unlocked features, offering a thrilling edge in your zombie survival adventure. You can buy any gear or weapons you need without worrying about running out of cash. Access to all levels from the get-go lets you explore the game’s full potential immediately.

The unlimited money feature also means quicker character progression. No more grinding for hours on end to advance! Plus, with everything unlocked, there are no restrictions on what areas of the game world you can visit or what challenges you can undertake.

Though these benefits might make your gaming experience seem like a breeze, it’s essential to consider some downsides before deciding if this modification is right for you.


Although the perks of the ‘Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) MOD APK’ we’ve discussed are enticing, it’s also crucial to consider some potential downsides.

– First up, using a MODded version may lead to an unfair gaming environment. You might have unlimited resources, but isn’t overcoming challenges part of the fun?

– Secondly, there’s a risk of getting banned. Game developers don’t take kindly to players using MODs that give them an edge.

– Then we have security concerns. Downloading and installing from unofficial sources might expose your device to malware or viruses.

– Lastly, updates can be delayed for MOD versions which means you may miss out on new features and improvements.

Now that we’ve weighed both sides let’s delve into some strategies on how you could enhance your gameplay experience in ‘Extra Lives’.

Tips and Tricks for Better Gameplay

To enhance your gameplay experience, let’s dive into a few strategies and tips you can use.

1. Master the Control System: Familiarize yourself with the unique control system, from attacking with the red fist buttons to picking up or dropping objects with blue hand buttons.

2. Use Objects Strategically: Combining objects you have in each hand or nearby on the ground can give you an upper hand.

3. Health Management: Touch the health meter to sleep and regain strength when your energy is low.

4. Pause Regularly: Touching the clock allows you to pause and strategize without zombies disturbing you.

Implementing these tactics significantly improves your survival chances in this apocalyptic world. Let’s move forward now for additional information to help further sharpen your gameplay skills.

Additional Information

In this thrilling world, you’ll find that mastering the art of grabbing your opponent can give you a significant advantage during combat. Each aspect of the game, from its control system to its interactive elements, contributes to an immersive and challenging experience. The unique character relationships and complex faction dynamics add depth and diversity to your survival journey.

Extra Lives Mod Apk Additional Information

The ‘Deathmatch’ mode is a fantastic feature that lets you enjoy zombie-slaying fun without any pressure. However, remember that there’s more to this game than meets the eye – the upgrade features offer an enhanced gaming experience with endless possibilities for customization.

With each playthrough providing new opportunities for exploration and strategy development, Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) Mod APK keeps you engrossed in a riveting narrative. Now let’s dive into some intriguing aspects of the game in our next section on ‘Fun Facts’. You may also love the mod features of Cover Fire MOD APK.

Fun Fact

Did you know that the game features an extensive range of over 200 characters, each with its unique storyline and perspective on the world’s current state? Each character is one of eight factions, creating a rich tapestry of interactions and conflicts.

Here are some fun facts about Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) Mod APK:

– The game presents a vast city to explore with over 50 locations. It’s not just about survival; it’s about restoring order.

– Your choices matter! You can modify every aspect of your character and influence other characters in the game.

– Combat is satisfyingly deep, borrowing elements from the Wrestling Revolution series.

– With unlimited money and all items unlocked, you have all resources to survive this post-apocalyptic world.

Remember, knowledge is power when facing both brainless zombies and heartless humans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different factions in ‘Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) Mod Apk’, and what are their beliefs?

The game hosts 8 unique factions, each holding distinct beliefs about the zombie crisis. Their ideologies vary from seeking peaceful resolutions to aggressive approaches. Understanding these factions enhances your gameplay and survival strategies.

How does the ‘infinitely’ upgrade enhance the gaming experience in ‘Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) Mod Apk’?

The ‘infinitely’ upgrade in ‘Extra Lives’ significantly elevates your gameplay. You can customize characters, determine the zombie population, and gain full access to Deathmatch mode for stress-free slaying. It’s a boost that truly personalizes the experience.

How does the special ‘Deathmatch’ mode in ‘Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) Mod Apk’ differ from the regular game mode?

In the special ‘Deathmatch’ mode, you enjoy slaughtering zombies without pressure. Unlike regular gameplay, it’s purely combat-focused and doesn’t involve survival aspects like exploring locations or interacting with faction characters. It’s sheer fun and action-packed chaos.

Can you elaborate on the combat system in ‘Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) Mod Apk’ borrowed from the Wrestling Revolution series?

In ‘Extra Lives’, you’ll find a robust combat system borrowed from the ‘Wrestling Revolution series. It allows for attacks from different sides, grappling moves, and even using objects as weapons, offering a satisfyingly visceral experience.

Can you customize the number of zombies you start with in ‘Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) Mod Apk’? If yes, how does it affect the gameplay?

You can customize the number of zombies in ‘Extra Lives.’ Starting with more zombies makes gameplay more challenging from the get-go, while fewer zombies ensure a slower, potentially easier build-up.


In conclusion, Extra Lives MOD APK offers an immersive zombie survival game experience with its advanced features and unlimited resources. You’ll enjoy character development, exploring diverse locations, engaging in combat and more. The game does require adeptness with a unique control system but provides thrilling gameplay in return. While it has challenges, the rewards of strategizing and surviving in a post-apocalyptic world make it worth your time. Give it a try – you might get hooked!

Extra Lives Mod Apk v1.150.64 (All Unlocked, Unlimited Money)
Download  Extra Lives Mod Apk v1.150.64 (All Unlocked, Unlimited Money) 
Mod info:

  • VIP Unlocked (Premium Unlocked)
  • All Unlocked
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Points
  • Unlimited Ammo

Download Extra Lives Mod Apk v1.150.64 (All Unlocked, Unlimited Money)
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